These are my Creations.  If you are interested in purchasing, or simply finding out the story behind any of my pieces, Please contact me.  I would Love to meet you and discuss any questions you may have.  Also, There are some video's of these sculptures for a different viewing experience on my Video Page.  Thank You. 

"Rise Up"  (Kinetic)  

"Small Campfire Candle holder"  

"Castle In the Tree" (Kinetic)



"Firelight" (Kinetic)  

"Waterfall Lamp"  

 " Taurus Sun"    (Sold)

"Saguaro"    (Sold)

"Medium Campfire Candle Holder"   

"Fire From the Sky" (Hanging)  



 Ode to Humpherey

Kinetic Whale tail in splash

Small Eagle 

 "A-Star-Isk" (Kinetic)  

"Large Campfire Candle Holder"  

"Untamed Energy"  

"Jeeves and Abigail"  Not for Sale 

"Note Chimes" (Kinetic)  

" Wall Torch" 

Porch Light