A Little about the Artist

When He was 7 years old, Dan’s absentee father’s gift to him of an Erector set did its job, instilling the ability to build, fabricate and create throughout his life.  When Dan was re-united with his father at age 30, after being separated since 2 years of age,  the two were inseparable. His father has passed on but Dan still uses the cherished tools they repaired and built together.

Dan Daugherty’s creative passion is realized in working with steel.

In 2009, a severe back injury resulted in his job loss as a landscape foreman.  Undaunted, Dan slowly began to create small metal sculptures while sitting in a chair in his garage, using scrap metal that he had accumulated over the years.  With help from his son and family, and using tools he and his late father built together, he takes to his shop, sometimes for only ten minutes at a time, other times he may manage a half an hour.

Limited by severe back pain, he uses the creative process as therapy to help take his mind off of the pain as long as possible.

“It’s like watching a movie” he says, “Keeping your mind occupied doing something you love to do can make you forget reality.  Sure it hurts, but you can bear it for a while longer”.

Dan has created a series of original lightning sculptures with special lighting effects, a Fire series to include an award winning Flaming Eagle Sculpture, and more.  Because of his disability, the light-weight sculptures are created in pieces that can be easily taken apart, moved and re-assembled.

Up to seven feet in height, and some smaller lamps, the fascinating Lightning Sculptures are compellingly realistic.  Changing colors and sequencing of light cast on the structures soothe and mesmerize.

His upbeat outlook fuels his approach: “With all the negative things trying to get people down and with pain always nagging me, I try to keep my creations as positive and energetic as I can”.

“I have to thank God for giving me talent and inspiration, my family and my son and my very good friends for helping and encouraging me. This focus empowers me — And I can honestly say that I've been struck by lightning many times!”

Proud member of the Lapeer Artist Association

After just moving to Metamora Michigan, I am Happy to be a new member of the Lapeer Artist Association.  Please visit their website at lapeerart.org or drop in to Gallery 194, located at 194, W Nepessing, Lapeer, MI 48446 

You are sure to have a great time viewing the work on exhibit, and learn more about classes and workshops being held there.